Things that make us happy!

We believe positivity and happiness are best enjoyed shared, so we decided to make a list of all of the things that put a smile on our dials. See if you can make a list of things that make you happy - sometimes it's the little things in life that bring us the most joy. 

1. Walks around Sydney Harbour

There is something so lovely about spending time in the heart of the beautiful city that we live in. As the city slowly begins to find its feet again, we find we almost always discover something new each time we walk.

2. Spending time with Kobe 

A beautiful baby boy blessed our family almost one year ago, and watching him laugh, smile, learn and play has brought all of us so much joy. 

3. Seeing family members thrive

There is no better feeling than seeing someone you love talk passionately about something that they love. Watching someone special thriving on their own journey and path is an unbeatable feeling. 

4. Cooking 

Cooking is therapeutic, relaxing and rewarding. That feeling of putting together a homecooked meal is amazing - bonus points if you're sharing this meal with a loved one.

5. Freshly made beds

One of life's 'little things', the comfort of climbing into bed with fresh sheets is truly blissful. The best night's sleep!

6. A bunch of fresh flowers

Often flowers represent an anniversary, birthday or celebration... but sometimes buying yourself a bunch of your favourite flowers and putting them in a nice vase is the perfect pick-me-up.

7. Enjoying and sharing a meal out together

Going out for a meal is such a treat! Good conversation, company and coffee or cocktails (depending on your mood!) is the perfect combination to a lovely meal out. 

8. Sunrise on the Northern Beaches

We are blessed to be surrounded by beautiful beaches in Sydney, with some of the most epic sunrises! We would name a favourite spot... but we'd have to make another list!