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    How to care for your Cashmere Garment:

    • Hand washing or dry cleaning is recommended.
    • When hand washing use lukewarm water and a mild soap or shampoo.  Gently work the suds into the fabric and rinse thoroughly. 
    • When drying your garment gently squeeze excess water out or lightly roll in a clean towel. 
    • Lay your garment flat in its natural shape to dry completely before storing.

    Storing your Cashmere Garment:

    • It is recommended to clean your cashmere garment prior to storing as Moths are attracted to natural fibers, especially when soiled.
    • It is best to fold your garment and store on a shelf or in a drawer.


    Pilling is a natural process of cashmere and is not a fault in the garment. Pilling occurs where there is friction and can be easily maintained with a small comb or sweater stone.