Cashmere Care Guide

We know your first instinct might be to take your beautiful cashmere items straight to a drycleaner, but we're here to tell you that definitely is not necessary! 

Learning to take good care of cashmere items prolongs the life of them, so you can keep and wear them for years to come. Caring for cashmere at home is inexpensive, and will keep your pieces lovely and soft every time you wear them. 

Machine Wash:

We recommend machine washing on a delicate or hand wash cycle, in cold water. Use a mild detergent or sweater soap, and wash with other cashmere garments. There is no need to use fabric softener, as this may discolour lighter cashmere colours. 

Hand Wash:

Place cashmere into a clean bowl or bucket with cool water and a mild detergent. Never wring or twist your cashmere, just lightly massage it with your fingers and leave to soak for up to 30 minutes. Rinse until water runs clear. 

To Dry:

Lay flat over a clothes horse and place in the shade to dry. Alternatively, roll your cashmere garment in a clean towel, gently pressing to remove excess water. Adjust cashmere to it's original shape when wet. When dry, fold your cashmere piece, as hanging it up will stretch the fibres. 

Other Tips:

We recommend washing your cashmere garment frequently, as it helps to maintain the fresh and lightweight feel. Think of it like watering a plant, you need to water a plant to give it a long and healthy life, so please make sure you are washing your cashmere regularly. 

Pilling occurs due to friction, and isn't a reflection of the quality. We recommend using a sweater stone to keep on top of the pilling and to smooth out your cashmere garments in areas that are prone to friction.