Esperance & Co cashmere is gentle on your skin and the environment.

Our cashmere supplier takes a great deal of care in ensuring cashmere is responsibly sourced. The Good Cashmere Standard aims to improve the lives of farmers, cashmere goats and the environment.

You can feel good about the cashmere you’re wearing, and it will feel good on you.

Luxurious & Timeless

Esperance & Co was created in 2013 by passionate crafts people to start telling a story that captures our imagination.

Our timeless, high-quality pieces are yours to keep and wear forever. You'll discover that wearing our garments transcends your boundaries: whether it be differing climates, fashion trends or cultures. The garments we stock can be worn anytime, anywhere – a perfect addition for your suitcase before you embark on a new adventure.

Our toppers are THE chameleon of the fashion world – this beautiful garment can be worn six different ways, transforming your wardrobe with one simple purchase.

And best of all... We have over 50 colours to choose from.

We hope that you will be able to enjoy your item in any place in the world, and create your own story to tell.

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How To Wear your Esperance & Co Classic Topper

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