Dopamine Dressing!

Dopamine Dressing: one of the major trending themes of 2022. Coined by fashion psychologist Dr. Dawnn Karen, the term refers to wearing bright coloured clothing that can boost your mood and make you feel happy. 

The term has been around since 2008 when The New York Times dubbed Dr. Karen as "The Dress Doctor", however it re-emerged at the end of 2021. According to fashion experts and bloggers, Dopamine Dressing in 2022 is significant due to the fact it brings a new level of optimism and happiness to the world, a little over two years since the pandemic became part of our lives.

Over the years, fashion trends and clothing have become forms of expression and often protest. In fact, many significant historical events have had a fashion trend emerge - flower power in relation to the Vietnam War, mini-skirts for the women's liberation movement and even denim, which was once a symbol of the Black freedom struggle. 

Dopamine Dressing is the light at the end of the tunnel of working from home and staying indoors. The rainbow after a heavy storm. The mood-boosting dopamine hit we all needed after Covid came and changed our lives forever. 

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