Why Cashmere?

Cashmere is considered to be the most luxurious natural fibre on the planet, and there are many wonderful benefits of adding it to your wardrobe. Cashmere is characterised by its softness, durability and warmth, meaning that by purchasing cashmere goods, you will be purchasing something you will have forever, providing you take good care of it. 
Cashmere is lightweight and stretches ever so slightly, which is what gives it that luxuriously comfortable feel against your skin. Cashmere allows your skin to breathe, and doesn't have an itchy or irritating feeling against the body. 
You will never have to worry about packing it away for half of the year, as another fabulous benefit of cashmere is its adaptability to varying temperatures. In winter, cashmere will keep you nice and warm, and in the summer months, cool and fresh. 
Cashmere is also the perfect travel companion, as it can slip into your suitcase, without adding weight or taking up too much space. It can be worn on aeroplanes, and styled in many ways to suit a range of outfits and climates.
Cashmere really is timeless, what we like to call a wardrobe investment, due to its longevity and style that is designed to last a life time. 
Our favourite benefit? Cashmere is something you will always feel special in, that's our promise to you.