The Best Pumpkin Soup Recipe!

This roasted pumpkin soup recipe is perfect for the cooler months! Nourishing, tasty and very easy to make, this soup will keep you nice and warm during winter! 


1.2kg pumpkin
1 bulb garlic, separated into unpeeled cloves
2 red onions, finely sliced
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika
750ml vegetable stock
Zest and juice of 1/2 a lemon
Fresh coriander to garnish
Chilli flakes to garnish
Sourdough bread to serve

1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees.
2. Peel and dice the pumpkin, toss with the spices and a drizzle of olive oil. Season, and then roast with the garlic cloves for 40 minutes.
3. Once roasted, squeeze the garlic out of their skins over the pumpkin and set aside.
4. In a large pot, add the sliced red onions and cook until soft. 
5. Add the roasted pumpkin, garlic and stock, bring to the boil and let simmer for about 20-25 minutes.
6. Add the lemon zest and juice and blend until smooth.
7. Serve into bowls, garnish with fresh coriander and chilli flakes, and serve with a couple of slices of sourdough bread.