Starting the Year Colourfully!

It's 2024! A new year, a wonderful time to reflect and refresh. We just love this time of year as we become inspired by the opportunities ahead and the goals we set for the year. 

A great way to kick off a new year is with a wardrobe update or refresh. We've recently updated our fabulous Colour Quiz, which is an amazing tool to help you select your Cashmere Topper colour. Discover which seasonal palette is best suited to your eye colour, hair colour and skin tone - are you Autumn, Summer, Winter or Spring?

Why not start the new year with a pop of cashmere for your wardrobe? It's always nice to have something new and fresh to take you through the year.

Take the Colour Quiz now to find out your best suited colours! The best part? Pop your email in at the end of the quiz and we will send you 10% off to use on your order!