How to care for your cashmere!

At Esperance & Co, our pieces are designed to be kept, worn and loved forever. Give your cashmere a long life with our ultimate care guide! 


When washing your cashmere, we always recommend hand washing in cold water. Using a mild soap or shampoo, gently work the soap into the cashmere, and then rinse. We recommend The Laundress wool & cashmere spray, a pH-neutral fabric wash which is gentle on cashmere and will help preserve your cashmere's softness.

You can also use the hand wash cycle on your washing machine, with cold water and a light spin. 

Our cashmere may also be dry cleaned. 


Gently roll out your cashmere in a towel, squeezing any excess liquid gently. Lay flat, and allow cashmere to dry completely before folding. 


Cashmere is best stored folded on a shelf or in a drawer, to keep its beautiful shape.


Pilling is a natural process of cashmere that occurs over time. A small comb or sweater stone will do the trick to maintain your cashmere.