Why we love yoga!

At Esperance & Co, our health and wellbeing is something we take extremely good care of. We believe a nourished body equals a nourished mind, and that's why we practise yoga several times a week. 

Here are some of the benefits of practising yoga:

1. Mental health

We believe caring for one's mental health is one of the most important acts of love. We believe yoga helps immensely with our mental health and our mental clarity, as it teaches us to be present in the moment, focusing solely on the poses and our breathing, and nothing else. We also feel wonderful endorphins after each practise, which makes us feel good. 

2. Stress levels

We're all human, sometimes things get too much and we find ourselves feeling stressed. Studies have shown that yoga helps reduce levels of cortisol in the body, the stress hormone. No matter what is playing on your mind, yoga can really help relieve stress or anxiety by allowing you to focus, stretch and relax. 

3. Improving posture

Working from home in 2020, we found ourselves slouching and hunching over more due to not having our regular office setup. We'd always have our yoga mats near our work from home space, so if our neck or backs started to play up, we could stretch out and help relieve some tension. Yoga is a great exercise to do from home - all you need is a floor and a mat!

4. Flexibility and balance

Since practising yoga, we have found that our flexibility, balance and mobility has improved, and there are studies that back this up. We began by practising simple moves and working our way up to more challenging moves, our increased flexibility helping us to achieve new goals!

5. Healthy eating

We find after nourishing our bodies with a solid session of yoga, all we want to do is continue the good fuzzy feelings with some healthy food. Some of our favourite post yoga meals are poke bowls, buddha bowls or a lovely filling salad with plenty of fresh vegetables and protein. It's like giving your muscles a well-deserved hug! 

Our 100% Cashmere toppers are wonderful to wear post yoga, and look beautifully stylish over activewear! We often pop to our local coffee shop after practising, wearing one! 

Do you practise yoga? Let us know!