The Power of Pastels!

Pastel colours have been around for years, notably very fashionable in the 1980s. People had pastel coloured kitchen appliances, cars, interiors in their home... and of course, pastel coloured clothing. The TV show Miami Vice further popularized the growing trend of pastel - the two main characters Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubs sporting a pastel coloured polo or suit in almost every scene.

Fast forward forty years and pastels are still highly fashionable and desirable colours. Pastel colours have been described as 'soothing', 'easy on the eyes' and 'appealing', hence their popularity increasing, particularly in the world of digital design and media. 

In terms of fashion, pastel colours have evolved from being solely retro and funky shades to colours that go with your everyday outfit. They pair beautifully with black, a sweet, delicate pop of colour, and also go well with neutral colours. Pastel colours can also be paired with each other! 

At Esperance & Co, we have a range of beautiful pastel toppers. For blue, try Periwinkle, Lipgloss or Pink Swirl are perfect for pink lovers, and of course for purple, there's Whisper!