How to style your cashmere in warm weather

Picture this. It's a gorgeous summer's afternoon, one of life in Australia's most precious moments. You're having a long lunch with family or friends in the garden, or perhaps you've decided to pull up a chair in the sun and get lost in a great book for the rest of the day. A light breeze begins to come through, and you're thinking an extra layer over your shoulders will be able to keep you outside enjoying the sun for a few hours longer. 

One of the great things about cashmere is that you can wear it all year round. Often cashmere is associated with cool wintery days, but we definitely don't pack it away once we start to feel the sun on our face. In fact, it's one of the most versatile fibres you can own, as its unique characteristics makes it adaptable to any climate. 

We're passionate about bringing you garments you can wear anytime, anywhere... and that's why cashmere is our flagship product that we love so much. 

Back to our dreamy summer's afternoon... Here's how to style your cashmere. 
Cashmere is a beautiful layering piece, and our range of 100% Cashmere toppers can be worn in six different ways. Layer your cashmere over a light linen shirt for a classic summer look. Our Fresh Laundry range is also perfect for the warmer weather, and paired with a cashmere topper, your summer wardrobe staples are sorted! 

Our range of Cotton Cashmere toppers are also a delight for the warmer months. A beautiful blend of two wonderful fibres are a match made in heaven. Style over a light summer dress or skirt and you'll be good to go for the day. 

Both our 100% Cashmere toppers and our Cotton Cashmere toppers fit wonderfully into a beach bag, handbag or suitcase, so you'll never be caught out without that lovely, warming hug from an Esperance and Co piece. All of our ranges come in a vast selection of lovely colours, fulfilling our promise to you of versatility and variety. 

No matter the weather, Esperance & Co has something for you. Discover our ranges here.