Hinson Wu

Hinson Wu is New York based fashion designer, the creative force behind his namesake label. Inspired by female empowerment and independence, Hinson Wu brings this passion to light through his captivating collection of finely tailored shirts. The spirit of his brand is to allow women to feel confident and elegant, no matter what path of life they choose to take.

Chinese born, New York raised and now world based – Hinson is a true citizen of the world. He has a passion for travelling, culture and the thrill of adventure, all of which he has incorporated into his work. Launched in 2016, in autumn in New York, Hinson brings to the world a collection specially designed with today’s modern woman in mind.

Hinson Wu and his stunning collection inspire us at Esperance & Co to have the courage to go out there, explore the world and approach life with confidence – and of course, style.