Striped Tassel Topper


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Set sail into summer in our new Limited Edition topper! A little bit nautical and just a bit of fun, the Striped Tassel Topper is part of the Cotton Cashmere range, perfect for breezy afternoons by the ocean.

A beautiful blend of cotton and cashmere, paired with a funky tassel trim, the Striped Tassel Topper will see you through the warmer months, giving you that light layer over your favourite summer outfit. 

The Striped Tassel Topper is only available for a limited time, so get in quick to avoid missing out!

One Size fits all makes this versatile piece so easy to wear or give as a gift!

95% Cotton 5% Cashmere

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one size fits most wear it six ways quality cashmere rainbow

Linen has been used in the textile world for thousands of years, making it one of the oldest natural fibres. Linen has withstood the true test of time, existing long before drycleaners and harsh detergents. Taking care of your linen is a simple process and will ensure it stays lovely and fresh for years to come.

Linen that is high quality and has been manufactured correctly means that it can be machine or hand washed. We recommend washing linen in cold water on a gentle cycle, with a mild laundry detergent.

We recommended air drying linen, although it can be tumbled dry on a low temperature. Always lay flat to dry.

There is no need to iron linen, as the naturally occurring creases give linen it’s beautiful shape and feel. If your linen has become a bit crushed, it may be ironed whilst still damp, using a medium heat on the steam setting, or by using a steamer. You can also spray lavender spray on your linen piece before ironing, to help steam out wrinkles and give your linen a lovely fresh scent.

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